Carving out a moment of intimacy, with ourselves or with our partner, can be difficult when our attention is continually solicited by daily responsibilities and commitments. 

Often we are so absorbed by the sense of duty that we don’t find space or time for a pleasure moment and quality sharing.

This, in the long run, can lead us not to see the magic and beauty that surround us, even when we have them under our noses. Once again, you will soon find out why, the garden can help us!

I have decided to offer you valuable advice on how to have a unique and unforgettable experience with your partner. After having treasured all my advice and having tried it, I assure you, you will no longer be able to do without it.

It is an experience that you can organize as many times as you wish, and that will not require you to make any particular effort in preparation. So don’t worry, it isn’t always necessary to make great sacrifices for extraordinary results. What I am about to propose is confirmation of this: seeing is believing!

A romantic evening in the moonlight

The experience I want to talk to you about today is a romantic evening, in the moonlight, in the company of your sweetheart, a good bottle, two glasses, a few candles, my secret ingredient and billions of stars. Where is it? In your garden, of course!

You can organize a surprise and not anticipate anything to your partner, or enjoy the moment of preparation with him. I personally prefer surprises: once you have prepared your love nest, take him by the hand and ask him to follow you without asking for anything.

And now let’s get to the point: how to make your evening unique and unforgettable? Very simple, just follow these tips to the letter:

When to organize it?

Choose an evening when the sky is particularly clear: these are the best times to admire the magnificence of the starry sky, to feel enveloped by its mantle as in an embrace. On incredibly bright full moon nights, it will be more difficult for you to see the stars or recognize their constellations; but what an extraordinary light! My advice? Try both, and then decide which scenario is most exciting for you.

Where and how to prepare the setting?

Think of a special place in your garden, perhaps a secluded place where you can spend a few hours in peace. My advice is to break the routine, if you can try to choose a corner that you usually don’t live long. Once you have decided on the most suitable space for your evening, make it welcoming and special for the occasion. You can spread a blanket and a few pillows on the grass to give an authentic and special touch to the setting, so you and your partner can fully and comfortably enjoy this precious moment in direct contact with Nature.

What to bring?

Prepare a good bottle, two glasses and some snacks to accompany your special evening. If you don’t like carrying trays or are afraid of disaster – and I say this from experience! – you can always carry them in a basket, like this one. In any case, I suggest you prepare for any eventuality: these beautiful methacrylate glasses are designed to be used outdoors, practically impossible to break. They have been my salvation more than once; that’s why I decided to include them in the Adimbra Collection. I will never stop recommending them!

And now the secret ingredient!

Lighting is a really important and often underestimated aspect: you don’t want there to be too much light so as not to spoil the atmosphere, but you will need enough to be able to pour the wine into the glasses or see what you are eating. The perfect solution, for convenience and result, is to use a wireless garden lamp. Here you can find my favorite!

A final touch of style?

Add a few citronella candles to make the atmosphere even more romantic and protect you and your partner from any mosquito bites. Choose the right background music.

That’s all, and now you just have to try!

With these simple gestures your evening can only be perfect: you will have discovered that the space you thought you were living in is much larger than it seems, that every garden can be much more magical than you tend to believe, and that your love still shines with the light of the billions of stars that have kept you company and made you fall in love.

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