My name is Manuela. I am the founder of Adimbra. I live in Friuli Venezia Giulia close to the Collio. I have always been a very creative person: designing and creating with my hands has always been my greatest passion. As this creativity grew, it took on various forms and shaped multiple stories.

The enthusiasm for new projects, the passion for craftsmanship, the love for plants and the garden combined with a certain resourcefulness, led me to combine my natural creative vocation with my professional training: today I am an entrepreneur who has transformed her greatest passions into her work.

I live with my partner, our dog Click and our seven nice hens in a house that I love and that I feel deeply mine. This is also thanks to the Slow Living philosophy, which allowed me to experience every corner of the house and garden in peace and harmony. This precious harmony pushed me to want to share my experience with other people.

My path to Adimbra


Through Adimbra I want to share my story, my path of happiness towards a life relieved of everyday stress by giving more value to the spaces in which I live, where I can feel in harmony with a space that reflects my identity and my values.

Do you want to bring new emotions to your home, but don’t know how?


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