ADIMBRA glass tumblers set


Set of 4 glass glasses in different shapes and shades of green.

Unique and unobtainable pieces.

The beauty of decorating even the simplest table creating an unexpected mise en place.

Small imperfections are a symbol of manual processing that characterizes them and makes them even more unique. Selected and matched by Adimbra.


Dishwasher safe.

Measurements of the individual glasses:

Glass 1> ø 6,2 x h. 9.5 cm

Glass 2> ø 8,5 x h. 10 cm

Glass 3> ø 7.5 x h. 13 cm

Glass 4> ø 9.5 x h. 14.5 cm

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Weight 0.1140 kg


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ADIMBRA glass tumblers set


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